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Top 5 Reasons Everyone Should Learn to Sew


Have you ever asked yourself if you should learn to sew? Would you make your own clothes? Or, maybe some super cute baby blankets? I was thinking about this question, and I think I know the answer: everyone should learn to sew. I know; it seems like a giant idea, but the benefits of learning to sew are giant themselves.

Reason #5: Sewing Saves Money

Everyone likes to Save Money. On my list of reasons of why everyone should learn to sew, saving money makes the list at number five. You can make simple repairs to garments such as hemming your own pants, sewing on a missing button or repairing a seam. You can make things for your home, your family, and gifts for everyone. You can even make things to sell.

Reason #4: Sewing Enhances Your Home

I just mentioned making things for your home so let’s make home décor reason number four. When was the last time you bought new couch cushions? Couch cushions are expensive for something that sits on your couch and adds a splash of color. What if you could just sew four straight lines, add some stuffing? Voila! Pillows! You could make your own curtains, and even towels. Once holiday time arrives (like now), you could even whip-out a table runner that matches your décor exactly! We are talking straight lines here, and I feel pretty confident this is going to be doable for everyone reading this.

Reason #3: Sewing Entertains Your Kids

Reason number three should be Kids Clothes and Accessories. You can get fabric with the hottest TV cartoon characters, movies, shows, colors, textures, etc. You name it, and they make fabric to match. Kids love capes, so they can be their favorite super hero, and show me a kid that doesn’t like hanging out in a tent. You can make pillow cases, hair bows and even clothes. Talk about being a superhero – that’s how the kids will think of you as they rock their new look!

Reason #2: Sewing is Eco-Friendly

Since you are already being a superhero, let’s talk about reason number two: it’s GREEN! No, not the color, but – you know – save the planet, save a tree, and eco-friendly. You can repurpose anything made from fabric, and the best place to shop is your local thrift store. Remember that earlier point about saving money? This one ties right into reason number five because the best selection of fabrics can be found at yard sales and discount stores. You can upcycle curtains into pillows. You can repurpose a men’s shirt into a little girl’s dress (not the other way around), and even take a used duvet and turn it into a shower curtain. The possibilities are endless if you’re creative; the cost is negligible, and you will be doing your part in saving our planet.

Reason #1: Sewing is a Sense of Accomplishment

Now, for the last and absolutely best reason everyone should learn to sew: sense of accomplishment. When you sew, you create something handmade. You start with a piece of fabric, and an hour or two later you’ve transformed it into something that will make a difference for someone. Sewing gives you power over a decorating budget and provides unlimited possibilities of creation with fabric. Sewing is a skill that will be passed down through generations. When people ask “where did you get that” you can proudly answer, “I made it!”

All Ray’s: Providing Sewing Machines for Englewood and Denver for over 40 Years

Get your sewing machine repaired, or get a new sewing machine to put these five reasons into action. Be productive, save money, bring the family together, and put that fabric to better use! We all have fabric ready in our dressers, and the thrift stores are ready to feed your new sewing machine.

All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing is family-owned and ready to put 40 years of experience to work for you!

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Sewing: An Art Form that’s 20,000 Years Old


How many of you grew-up with a grandma or mom that sewed? Were they quilters? Did they make clothes for the family? Or, maybe that wasn’t you but – after conquering gardening and canning – you’re looking for the next big challenge.

After watching 15 seasons of Project Runway, I don’t know anyone who’s not ready to scratch that itch! Then again, maybe you want to know how to hem your pants because you’re not the perfect height or shape?

Sewing Up to the Sewing Machine

The good news is that the local community/recreation center and even fabric stores now offer sewing classes to get you started. YouTube has hundreds of videos that walk you through the basics and answer questions along the way. Then again, maybe you’re a reader and picked-up a copy of Sewing for Dummies. Whatever avenue you choose – let’s get going – because it’s going to be GREAT!

People have been sewing for hundreds of years; think about some of the earliest forms of housing using animal hides sewn together. The first sewing needles were made of bones or animal horns, and the thread was made of animal sinew.  Iron needles were invented in the 14th century, and needles with an eye didn’t appear until the 15th century. The Industrial Revolution was big, but in those days these advances were possibly equally enormous on a relative scale – not to mention necessary for our conveniences today (thank you to our ancestors).

Sewing Machines Changed the World and Still Do

If your job was as a seamstress or tailor, you worked long hours for very little pay. Change to the pay weren’t seen until well into the 1850’s when Isaac Singer built the first commercially successful sewing machine. The sewing machine became the 1st widely advertised consumer appliance; it pioneered installment buying, patent pooling, as well as revolutionized the ready-made clothing industry. Also, it survived those who feared the machine would be a threat to their livelihood (seamstresses and tailors).

The sewing machine is not the result of one man’s genius, but rather the culmination of a century of thought, work, trial, failures, and partial successes of a long list of inventors (and investors). To be sure, the sewing machine had the reverse effect many before its invention would’ve foreseen. The sewing machine created industries – not to mention flourished the sewing industry itself – rather than diminishing an industry and/or livelihoods. The sewing machine literally saved lives and improved millions more. It’s not an understatement to say sewing and the sewing machine are staples to our existence and continue to change our live for the better. We don’t see it because many (or most) of us don’t make our own clothes, but someone is doing it.

All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing:

Serving Englewood and Denver for 40 Years

Today there are about 60 United States sewing machine companies. Most of these companies manufacture highly specialized sewing machines used for specific types of commercial use. Only a few companies produce machines for home use. All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing is your experienced and trusted source for the machine that’ll last.

Are you ready to invent, create, discover, and have fun? If the answer is yes, let All Ray’s help you get started today!

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