Beam central vacuum systems have been a leading company in the central vacuum industry since 1957. Long known for their relationship with home builders, Beam central vacuum systems have been installed in homes of every kind for decades. Whether you’re looking to improve your home’s indoor air quality, or simply add convenience to your cleaning routine, a Beam central vacuum system from All Ray’s Vacuum is sure to change the way you look at cleaning.

More About BEAM Central Vacuums

Known for their long history of providing quality vacuum units, Beam central vacuum systems offer a variety of household benefits to accommodate your everyday lifestyle. In 2007, Beam came under the Electrolux name as part of the Electrolux central vacuum product lineup alongside Eureka. Designed to complement their systems, Beam also manufactures a full line of central vacuum inlets, attachments, and accessories. Beam central vacuum systems are widely popular for their inverted filter bags, which are self cleaning and clinically proven to resist dirt and debris.

With the help of the patented Quiet Pak sound insulation system, Beam by Electrolux central vacuum units are recognized by the industry as one of the quietest central vacuum systems available. Don’t let the lack of noise fool you though, these units are quietly powerful. Beam central vacuum systems use cyclonic filtration, which has been proven 98% effective in separating small and large dirt particles as well as allergens from your family’s vacuumed indoor air.

Beam central vacuum systems use an On-Guard dirt receptacle, infused with an antibacterial agent known as AlphaSan, which prevents the growth of bacteria within the bucket. You’ll never have to worry about cleaning the unit or replacing the filters, because as the bucket fills up, AlphaSan guarantees there is no loss of power and allows the system to maintain high performance levels for extended periods of time.

Whether their use is residential or commercial, Beam central vacuum systems are affordable and come complete with a power unit, hose, power brush, and dirt collection receptacle. Each unit comes with a detailed installation manual and video so you can install the system on your own, saving you money all around.