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Riccar: Made in the USA

Whether it’s patriotism, a desire to help our local small businesses, or believing products made in the USA are of higher quality – an increasing number of consumers want to see just that: “Made in the USA.” There’s no difference between those shopping for clothing or computers, it’s considered a badge of honor by the consumers and the manufacturers to buy and produce products that are made in the USA. When it comes to our automated cleaning tools, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find vacuums made in the USA.

Vacuums Made in the USA

Especially in recent years, the main reason for the growing “Made in the USA” trend is increased consumer demand for products made in America. The increasing consumer demand for American-made products is influencing some manufacturers to stop the expense-side philosophy of production and begin making products in the USA again. Some manufacturers never left, and one of them is Riccar.


Moving on, there’s no question much of this increasing trend is about patriotism. Some of this made in the USA trend is the fact that it helps your neighbor have a job. However, a decent amount of the demand for the sticker that says “Made in the USA” is quality standards. We should all want to have high-quality appliances because we should have them for 20 years. Remember the line: They don’t make them like they used to. Well…shouldn’t they?

All Ray’s Sells Riccar Vacuums

Riccar vacuums are made in the United States of America. Riccar vacuums last 10, 15, 20 years – guaranteed. Riccar is a company that promises it will not sell a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t meet expectations, and those expectations are high. The company pays extreme attention to the materials they use. Riccar has upright vacuums, canister vacuums, central vacuum systems, and specialty vacuums. What’s Riccar’s marketing strategy? The strategy is to only produce high quality vacuums that reflect their passion for American-made. Riccar has some of the longest warranties in the vacuum cleaner industry, which guarantees you a worry-free buying experience.


One of the Riccar vacuums – the Premium Radiance model – is heralded for all of the things it can do. The Premium Radiance has seven layers of filtration. The case and handle are made almost completely of stainless steel and aluminum. You can vacuum any type of floor, any type of carpet – no matter how deep – thanks to its six-level height adjustment system. Another powerful vacuum feature: it has a dirt sensor and the sensing display illuminates the cleaning path based on the sensor’s readings. The Riccar Premium Radiance can basically see the dirt. The tandem air technology provides a powerful suction, and the 8-year warranty gives customers an extra assurance on the quality of this unit. High quality vacuums give piece of mind while enjoying the top-notch performance – not to mention the clean house to assure your baby isn’t sucking up the dirt instead of your vacuum.

Riccar Vacuum Power Demo

Being Made in America has more than a patriotic meaning; it also means the parts to keep the vacuum working are in America, which streamlines their process and your experience. However, the need for parts isn’t likely considering the durability and quality you receive when you buy a Riccar vacuum. Did we mention Riccar vacuums are made in the USA?


You’ll never find a Riccar vacuum in a big box store, and Riccar does not spend one dime in national advertising. Riccar spends their time and money on bringing you the best vacuum on the market. Not only do you deserve cleaner living, but you save your crawling babies and toddlers the hassle of sucking up your carpet’s dirt instead of your box store vacuum.


To find out more about high quality Riccar vacuums you must visit All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing – Englewood’s family-owned vacuum specialists for over 40 years.


See the raw power of a Riccar vacuum in action down below via our power demo in the first of a series of All Ray’s vacuum video demos!



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2017: The Year of the Vacuum

As far as New Year’s resolutions go, buying a new vacuum is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, maybe you did decide this will be the year of cleaner living. This usually refers to what you eat and/or consume, but having a clean-living space is also super important – if not more important. Also, if you have a four-legged family member, a quality vacuum is definitely a must-have. So, let’s get started on that New Year’s resolution!

Cheap Vacuums are Expensive Vacuums

This may sound like a paradox – because it is – but it’s an accurate one. My grandfather, when cleaning up after dinner, would often say this to my grandmother: “Do you want me to throw this away now, or wrap it up and throw it away later?” I’m here to pass this wisdom along in the realm of vacuums.

You can perform vacuum repair to the “cheap vacuums” – or buy new cheap vacuums – which adds up to the price of quality vacuums. Or, you can surrender to inevitability and buy a quality vacuum. Naturally, we aren’t eye-balling the shiny new Riccar on the Internet like a child romancing the new bike under his or her sheets with a flashlight. However, after the demo video in this blog, it’s probable we’ll be thinking, “maybe we should be…”

Power Demo: Quality Vacuums vs. “Affordable”

In the first of a series of demos to come, All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing has brought you a power demo illustrating the difference in the raw suction power of an “affordable” vacuum and a quality vacuum.

In the demo, these upright vacuums are brought into proximity of pink sand dumped onto thicker carpet. The power is conveyed through the pink sand’s disturbance, demonstrating the power of the two motors. This power translates into whether dirt and other foul particles are remaining in the carpet – much of which isn’t seen – or getting sucked-up by the vacuum instead of your toddler.

A Time for Choosing

The inevitable choice is between continual vacuum repair, repeat purchases of “affordable” vacuums that do the job worse and take more time to do it, or buying the quality vacuum your toddler deserves. With that being said, the difference is between a toddler crawling on carpet that looks clean and a toddler crawling on carpet that is actually clean.

Stay tuned as All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing rolls out our New Year’s video demos!


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Protect Your Investment – Sewing Machines ARE an Investment


It’s the holiday season – a great time to get that new sewing machine – which means you can start those projects you’ve been pinning on Pinterest! Or, maybe you are the husband or boyfriend, and are searching for the diamond-in-the-rough for your “do-it-yourself (DIY)” significant other.

Had Your Sewing Machine Serviced Recently?

Maybe you’re going to go pick your machine up off the shelf new, which is perfectly fine; then you can skip this information about repair until next year. However, if you’re the DIY type, you’re probably checking Craigslist and yard-sales to find the perfect machine. If that’s the case, this next part is directed directly toward you!

Experts say you should get your personal sewing machine serviced once a year, and if it’s one that’s been in storage, or bought second-hand, you should have it serviced before you ever fire it up. Good advice.

Had Your Sewing Machine Fumigated Lately?

One of the main things experts do when they service your machine is open it up and clean it out. Lots of dust (an understatement), thread, and even bugs (yes…bugs…), and mouse nesting can get trapped. That’s correct…you read that correctly: mouse nesting. I’ve heard some horrifying war-stories.

All that gross biohazard stuff is trapped inside your machine whether you see it or not, and it can do bad things. Speaking of bad things, on a mechanical level, it can affect your machine’s sensors and throw off the tension. If your machine thinks you’re using thicker thread because there are trapped thread-bits, it won’t work correctly. Also, we work too hard on our projects to have malfunction(s) or mechanical problems ruin our efforts. So, bad tension is annoying, but all that nasty stuff in there can also catch your machine on fire! Yes…that’s one of the war stories…

Sewing Machine Repair Specialists – They Do Exist!

Sewing machine repair specialists are a dying breed – a relic in a time when more people made things. Housewives made clothes at home and workers made industrial goods in the city’s factories. Today, new generations of seamstresses and fashion designers – as well as DIY types – are starting to produce clothes and crafts for themselves. In addition to that, many are doing this for online market places like Etsy, or for the numerous Colorado craft fairs that pop up every day. People are discovering as the quality of modern electronic sewing machines has declined that repairing a vintage mechanical machine is often times their best bet.

Older machines made from pure metal hold-up a lot better than many of the newer plastic ones. Most of the mechanical issues can be repaired on these older machines. However, with the newer machines the cost of the circuit and electrical boards alone makes them virtually irreparable; it’s often cheaper and easier to just get a newer machine. Also, it’s wise to pay the extra money to get a high quality sewing machine that won’t need replacing once again.

Don’t try this at Home – Service Your Sewing Machine at All Ray’s

So, my point is you should keep your machine serviced and maintained. Also, if it sits in storage, or is purchased second-hand, take it for a check-up before you “fire it up.” As you read above, you may actually literally fire it up when you fire-it-up if you’re not careful. Sewing machines are, of course, machines – and they can certainly fall into disrepair. Whether your machine’s been stored a while and needs a tune-up, or whether it’s in need of a critical repair, All Ray’s Vacuum & Sewing machine repair can help.

Contact All Ray’s today! Let’s get your sewing machine back-on-track!

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Top 5 Reasons Everyone Should Learn to Sew


Have you ever asked yourself if you should learn to sew? Would you make your own clothes? Or, maybe some super cute baby blankets? I was thinking about this question, and I think I know the answer: everyone should learn to sew. I know; it seems like a giant idea, but the benefits of learning to sew are giant themselves.

Reason #5: Sewing Saves Money

Everyone likes to Save Money. On my list of reasons of why everyone should learn to sew, saving money makes the list at number five. You can make simple repairs to garments such as hemming your own pants, sewing on a missing button or repairing a seam. You can make things for your home, your family, and gifts for everyone. You can even make things to sell.

Reason #4: Sewing Enhances Your Home

I just mentioned making things for your home so let’s make home décor reason number four. When was the last time you bought new couch cushions? Couch cushions are expensive for something that sits on your couch and adds a splash of color. What if you could just sew four straight lines, add some stuffing? Voila! Pillows! You could make your own curtains, and even towels. Once holiday time arrives (like now), you could even whip-out a table runner that matches your décor exactly! We are talking straight lines here, and I feel pretty confident this is going to be doable for everyone reading this.

Reason #3: Sewing Entertains Your Kids

Reason number three should be Kids Clothes and Accessories. You can get fabric with the hottest TV cartoon characters, movies, shows, colors, textures, etc. You name it, and they make fabric to match. Kids love capes, so they can be their favorite super hero, and show me a kid that doesn’t like hanging out in a tent. You can make pillow cases, hair bows and even clothes. Talk about being a superhero – that’s how the kids will think of you as they rock their new look!

Reason #2: Sewing is Eco-Friendly

Since you are already being a superhero, let’s talk about reason number two: it’s GREEN! No, not the color, but – you know – save the planet, save a tree, and eco-friendly. You can repurpose anything made from fabric, and the best place to shop is your local thrift store. Remember that earlier point about saving money? This one ties right into reason number five because the best selection of fabrics can be found at yard sales and discount stores. You can upcycle curtains into pillows. You can repurpose a men’s shirt into a little girl’s dress (not the other way around), and even take a used duvet and turn it into a shower curtain. The possibilities are endless if you’re creative; the cost is negligible, and you will be doing your part in saving our planet.

Reason #1: Sewing is a Sense of Accomplishment

Now, for the last and absolutely best reason everyone should learn to sew: sense of accomplishment. When you sew, you create something handmade. You start with a piece of fabric, and an hour or two later you’ve transformed it into something that will make a difference for someone. Sewing gives you power over a decorating budget and provides unlimited possibilities of creation with fabric. Sewing is a skill that will be passed down through generations. When people ask “where did you get that” you can proudly answer, “I made it!”

All Ray’s: Providing Sewing Machines for Englewood and Denver for over 40 Years

Get your sewing machine repaired, or get a new sewing machine to put these five reasons into action. Be productive, save money, bring the family together, and put that fabric to better use! We all have fabric ready in our dressers, and the thrift stores are ready to feed your new sewing machine.

All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing is family-owned and ready to put 40 years of experience to work for you!

Visit All Ray’s today!

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All You Need to Know About Buying a Central Vacuum


Thanks to the Internet you can research any topic you think of. So, when it comes to buying a central vacuum system, the first stop is an Internet search. It definitely helps to be better informed and put yourself in a position to make a well-educated decision regarding the type of system that’ll best service the needs of your home.

The Center of Central Vacuum Systems

There are four main types of central vacuum systems:

  1. Bag – for homes when outside venting is not possible or desired. Bags are typically changed 1-2 times a year.
  2. Bagless with Inverted Filter – dirt is funneled in around the filter so that it does not cling to the filter. It needs to be emptied every 3-6 months.
  3. Filtered Cyclonic – small particles are filtered out. Needs to be emptied every 2 months.
  4. All Cyclonic – dirt is tossed about so heavier particles fall to the bottom of the canister and smaller particles are vented outside. Needs to be emptied every 3 months depending upon usage.

Because of convenience and availability, more and more homeowners are starting to retrofit their homes with a central vacuum system. Currently more that 30% of the central vacuum market stems from retrofits as more and more people find out that it’s a doable do-it-yourself (DIY).

The Benefits of Central Vacuum Systems

There are many benefits of installing a central vacuum system – including better air quality in your home. Central vacuum systems are capable of deeper cleaning as well as vacuuming all dust and debris, which is taken outside of your home with a central vacuum system. One of the top selling points is the HEPA filter will stop about 99.97% of all particles from your indoor air. Central vacuum systems are also a way to increase your home’s resale value. Although a central vacuum system costs more than double the average homeowner’s vacuum cleaner, it can also last up to 5 times as long! Also, they have superior performance, which is the entire point – to clean your home via the dirt you can see and the dirt you can’t see (but is definitely there).

Choosing a Central Vacuum System

When shopping for a central vacuum system, the important features to compare are:

  1. Suction or inches of water lift is how high water can be lifted up the tubing; this is an important measurement for suction.
  2. Cubic feet per minute (CFM) measures airflow, which once again is important regarding suction.
  3. The most essential measurement is air watts; it is a calculation derived from CFM and inches of water lift – most central vacuum companies make this number available.
  4. The canister material, which can be either steel or plastic.

To determine how powerful a system you need, the best formula is to take the square footage of your home and double it. Having a more powerful system will help cover you with these power stealing situations:

  • Two story house
  • A large number of wall inlets
  • A lot of angels in the central vacuum tubing
  • Leakage from tubing

A larger system will also provide for any future additions to your home; the cost to upgrade to a more powerful system is typically a couple hundred dollars, and it’s well worth the security in knowing your central vacuum has strong suctioning power.

Central Vacuum System Accessories

When it comes to choosing accessories most central vacuum manufacturers don’t make their own.  For the most part, hoses will fit any central vacuum system, but it’s best to confirm with your dealer or manufacturer to be safe. All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing can help you with any of these needs.

Hoses can be as long as 50 feet, which is good and bad; it’s good because you don’t need as many wall inlets (fewer inlets means more powerful suction), and bad because you have to figure out where to hang a 50’ hose! However, they make retractable hoses that keep the hose hidden in the walls.

The powerhead is the part of a central vacuum system that actually clears away the dirt and debris. You’ll want to compare each powerhead’s cleaning width; the width generally ranges between 12” and 14”.  You’ll want to look for powerheads that feature a geared or cogged belt that offer a more consistent level of performance, as well as a quick release wand system. This type of system allows you to remove the wand easily and use different tools.

There is definitely a lot of information to consider about central vacuums, and it’ll require you to do your homework. Don’t’ take on your decision alone, visit All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing to start working smarter rather than harder!

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Sewing Handmade Gifts this Holiday Season


We are fast approaching mid-November, which always lights a fire under us for the holidays. Some years I bake a frenzy of amazing breads, which I share with co-workers, friends and family. Other years, I focus on canning pickles or making my locally famous habanero jam.

‘Tis the Season for Sewing

This year, I’m taking on sewing projects. I discovered a great website with over 700 sewing tutorials – including patterns and videos that have truly inspired me. Thanks to All Ray’s, I have a recently tuned-up sewing machine. I’m ready to hit the local fabric shops and stock-up on supplies.

There’s something deeply personal about giving a handmade gift to those special people in your life. Handmade gifts go a step above normal gift giving because you’re giving a part of yourself. Recipients of handmade gifts know more thought went into than a gift card or a store-bought gift. It takes time to pick the exact project, to buy the perfect materials – making it all come together, to make it with precision and care; it’s a culmination in gift-giving that sets handmade gifts apart.

Sewing Builds Relationships

I remember the first time I gave a handmade gift to my parents as an adult. It was powerful. I remember the look on my mom’s face, and I remember that every time I went home to visit. My craft sat where everyone could see it. She loved it. Looking back now, I know that handmade gift helped bridge our child/parent relationship to best friends. She appreciated what I had hand-made for her; I recognized that, and it made me love her even more.

All Ray’s Sewing Machine Repair

If you’re still procrastinating as far as getting your sewing machine up-and-running this holiday season, now’s the time. All Rays will get your machine in-and-out and ready for you to create this holiday season. Of course, it’s likely time to upgrade or cave to the need for a new sewing machine, and we’d be honored to get you back-on-track.

Thank You for Choosing All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing!

So, before the white stuff starts falling, get inspired, and add a little extra magic to this year’s holiday season. All Ray’s is ready to help you get started whether you need a new machine or a tune-up on the old one. Contact us today to beat the snow!

Add that little bit of extra love this holiday season with All Ray’s!

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Sewing is Handmade Love



News Flash: sewing is fashionable again! Sewing is also eco-friendly, financially friendly, teaches perseverance, is profitable, fun and fulfilling. So, find your sewing machine (that you bought from All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing), and dust it off because you are missing out on one of the greatest comebacks of all time! The power of handmade never left, but it’s definitely back.

Sewing is Back

Sewing was taught forever ago in home economics classes, or at home for the 4H kids by your mom or grandma until it fell from popularity in the mid to late 1900s. It was an old person’s hobby and you wouldn’t catch a youngster sitting at a machine to save their life.

Back in the day sewing was a necessity. People didn’t have access to department stores; they couldn’t afford brand new clothes. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, mass produced and affordable clothing arrived; therefore, the need for home-sewn garments decreased. In the end, the skill of sewing skipped an entire generation.

Now that handmade is no longer a dirty word, due in large part to the popularity of social media sites such as Etsy, the ability to make things can result in a thriving career selling your creations. Or, if you’re not looking to take things to the career level, one could easily have a lucrative side gig. YouTube has given us a convenient way to learn how to sew practically anything. Pinterest makes sure we’ll never run out of inspiration and/or ideas.

Sewing Saves Money

Sewing your own clothes is eco-friendly. Sewing is a way to take matters into your own hands – figuratively and literally. Will a skill like sewing, you’ll be quite valuable if the lights ever go out. Additionally, there’s a huge sub-culture in the world of sewing that favors up-cycling, or re-using items to make them into new creations.

The ability to sew can save you money in a variety of ways. Hemming your own pants for a few cents worth of thread rather than taking them to a tailor and paying $30 – let alone the time saved. Replacing that missing button on your husband’s dress shirt rather than tossing it in the trash. Even the most basic sewing skills will add up to big savings for a lot of people, and in a shaky economy that’s valuable news.

Sewing is Hip

Finally, sewing is hip! Sewing even looks cool on the hit TV series Project Runway. I think the big takeaway is that every time Tim Gunn says “make it work” he’s really saying everything will work out if you keep trying and don’t give up. Joking aside, it’s important to keep pushing through on your sewing adventure. Things will only get easier; that’s the whole point of sewing – to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

With respect to the hip element of sewing, we’re back to that time when things are coming full circle as they always do. In a day where literally everything is packaged, manufactured, etc. – people’s perception to anything handmade, custom, or one-of-a-kind is at a new high. The ability to sew something useful – whether for yourself, a family member, a friend, or a customer – is not only rewarding, but much appreciated.

Everyone wants something handmade over something mass-produced – especially when it’s of high quality. With sewing, the quality is up to you. If you want a new hip bag to be reinforced with handles that not only look cool but stay on, you can make the bag as sturdy as you want. No longer do you need your quality to be dictated by the mysterious robots who made it for you (and thousands of other people). Now, you wield the power to take matters in your own hands to make whatever you want, make it to your specifications, and make something no one else has. The power of handmade is real.

Visit All Ray’s for All Your Sewing Needs

We’ve established the facts that sewing is back, sewing saves money, and that sewing is hip, which is inferred by the fact that sewing is indeed back. Like many trends that go away, they seem to inevitably comeback, and they return stronger than they started. The comeback is an enigma in many ways, but as far as sewing we believe this comeback is driven by the power of handmade, which is the power of saving money, and the power of our desires to be unique and self-sufficient.

Additionally, we all want to be thoughtful, and we want others to put thought into us as well. Technology makes the effect of sewing even more profound because it’s still a lost art, but we don’t believe it’ll remain that way so long as sewing continues to regain popularity. Do we foresee hipsters having sewing parties on a Friday night? Believe it or not, they exist, and that’s a powerful thing. People want to be industrial and skilled in the arts of our ancestors because we see vulnerability in not being this way. The love of our roots and the love of something handmade is something no factory can produce. This love is why we sew.

So, we hope you join the All Ray’s family business as we continue to provide your sewing needs as we have for the last 40 years! Visit our knowledgeable staff today!

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Sewing: An Art Form that’s 20,000 Years Old


How many of you grew-up with a grandma or mom that sewed? Were they quilters? Did they make clothes for the family? Or, maybe that wasn’t you but – after conquering gardening and canning – you’re looking for the next big challenge.

After watching 15 seasons of Project Runway, I don’t know anyone who’s not ready to scratch that itch! Then again, maybe you want to know how to hem your pants because you’re not the perfect height or shape?

Sewing Up to the Sewing Machine

The good news is that the local community/recreation center and even fabric stores now offer sewing classes to get you started. YouTube has hundreds of videos that walk you through the basics and answer questions along the way. Then again, maybe you’re a reader and picked-up a copy of Sewing for Dummies. Whatever avenue you choose – let’s get going – because it’s going to be GREAT!

People have been sewing for hundreds of years; think about some of the earliest forms of housing using animal hides sewn together. The first sewing needles were made of bones or animal horns, and the thread was made of animal sinew.  Iron needles were invented in the 14th century, and needles with an eye didn’t appear until the 15th century. The Industrial Revolution was big, but in those days these advances were possibly equally enormous on a relative scale – not to mention necessary for our conveniences today (thank you to our ancestors).

Sewing Machines Changed the World and Still Do

If your job was as a seamstress or tailor, you worked long hours for very little pay. Change to the pay weren’t seen until well into the 1850’s when Isaac Singer built the first commercially successful sewing machine. The sewing machine became the 1st widely advertised consumer appliance; it pioneered installment buying, patent pooling, as well as revolutionized the ready-made clothing industry. Also, it survived those who feared the machine would be a threat to their livelihood (seamstresses and tailors).

The sewing machine is not the result of one man’s genius, but rather the culmination of a century of thought, work, trial, failures, and partial successes of a long list of inventors (and investors). To be sure, the sewing machine had the reverse effect many before its invention would’ve foreseen. The sewing machine created industries – not to mention flourished the sewing industry itself – rather than diminishing an industry and/or livelihoods. The sewing machine literally saved lives and improved millions more. It’s not an understatement to say sewing and the sewing machine are staples to our existence and continue to change our live for the better. We don’t see it because many (or most) of us don’t make our own clothes, but someone is doing it.

All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing:

Serving Englewood and Denver for 40 Years

Today there are about 60 United States sewing machine companies. Most of these companies manufacture highly specialized sewing machines used for specific types of commercial use. Only a few companies produce machines for home use. All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing is your experienced and trusted source for the machine that’ll last.

Are you ready to invent, create, discover, and have fun? If the answer is yes, let All Ray’s help you get started today!

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Vacuum Repair to the Rescue!


When you think about cleaning supplies, do you include your vacuum cleaner? I do. It’s the most indispensable household cleaning device I own. Created to suck up dirt and dust, the first motorized vacuum was invented in 1901. Although it has gone thru many upgrades and updates since the first prototype, the vacuum has withstood the test of time.

The above description sounds a bit like a super hero. Sucking up dirt and dust while cleaning the air we breathe, it’s Super Vacuum to the rescue!

Poor Suction? Consider Vacuum Repair

Considering we utilize the vacuum roughly twice a week, is it any wonder that it begins to suck a little less, or run louder? It’s no surprise vacuums malfunction from time-to-time. Vacuums are machines after all, and all machines experience a great deal of wear and tear through continual use. Depending on the circumstance, rather than buying a new machine, consider vacuum repair.

Is your vacuum getting poor suction? This is definitely a problem considering the machine is designed to suck up dirt. Many times this problem is attributed to a plugged hose, an overfull bag, or a clogged air filter. If the vacuum still isn’t sucking properly after checking the above, it’s a situation of vacuum repair to the rescue!

Have you ever been vacuuming and found yourself getting a friendly little shock every once in a while? Yes, that happens. I inadvertently ran over the cord and nicked the plastic coating. So, when I moved just right (or wrong), I got a little zing! Who do you going to call? Vacuum repair (All Ray’s Vacuum)! After making the call, All Ray’s replaced the cord and I was back in business.

All Ray’s Vacuum Repair

At All Ray’s Vacuum, after telling them what sound(s) your vacuum is making, or what it is and isn’t doing, they’ll check all the obvious solutions. Then, they’ll look further until finding other potential culprits; it could be a leak in the hose or the housing. Maybe it’s deeper than that, and it’s something wrong with the fan. Is it loose or obstructed? It’s possible the problem is related to the motor, which is definitely a job for vacuum repair – aka: a job for All Ray’s Vacuum.

We have the ability to fix many things ourselves with the aid of the internet these days. If you can safely see what’s broken, and easily fix it, do it. You will save yourself anywhere from $50 – $150 dollars (replacement cost of a new vacuum). However, when you find yourself in over your head, and needing professionals, think vacuum repair; think All Ray’s.

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Top 10 Benefits of Owning a Central Vacuum System


There are so many “pros” about central vacuum systems it’s amazing more homes aren’t equipped with them. We’ve “talked” before about knowing what you want and need from your vacuum. Most consumers compare upright vs. canister, bag vs. bag-less, and cheap vs. expensive, and so on. We’re going to throw one more choice into the mix; and we think this one is going to make you sit back and go “seriously?!”

Everyone Can Have a Central Vacuum System

When you think about a central vacuuming system what crosses your mind? I think of the little trap-door on the floor you plug stuff into and it magically gets sucked up. I also think about super expensive homes with maids that get to use really cool vacuum systems.

Guess what?

Central vacuuming systems aren’t that expensive, and they can even be retrofitted to an existing home, not just new construction. Here’s some icing on the cake: if you’re a serious DIY’er (do-it-yourself), we have the system and parts for you! We sell multiple brands, and we’re a certified provider of the BEAM Central Vacuum System.

Why a Central Vacuum System?

What are the benefits of owning a central vacuum system, you ask? Well here are just a few:

  • They’re quiet when in-use because the motor is located either in your garage or in your basement.
  • They’re easy-to-use, and come with an extensive range of accessories – not to mention their efficiency when compared to a regular vacuum.
  • Say goodbye to portable vacuums after installing your system. Cheap vacuums need to be replaced every 2 years if not sooner (likely scenario); whereas a central vacuum system can go 10 years before having to replace any major accessories or worry about maintenance.
  • You’ll have cleaner indoor air and reduced allergens because the central vacuum system extracts the dirt, dust and debris out of the house and into the main power unit where it is exhausted to the outside. No more recirculating allergens back into your home. If you suffer from sever allergies you should read this: UC Davis Central Vacuum Clinical Study (PDF).
  • Central vacuum systems are extremely versatile and they’re able to reach different places and surfaces because of the greater selection of accessories.
  • Fun fact: men prefer a central vacuum system because it feels more like a power tool than a household appliance!
  • Talk about powerful deep-cleaning – the motor is 3x stronger.
  • Since it’s located in a cool place via your garage or basement, you get longer motor life.
  • We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention it’s a smart investment that saves you money over time (which could be thou$and$ of rea$on$).
  • A central vacuum system will add value to your property – not to mention add resale value should you ever decide to sell your home, which absolutely pays for itself.

Central Vacuum Systems Are an Investment

These units are more powerful, convenient and quieter than any traditional vacuum. Perhaps most importantly, central vacuum systems add resale value to your home – a very important component to the purchase/investment – especially in a hot market like Denver/Colorado.

Stop by All Ray’s Vacuum to discuss your needs, and explore the benefits of buying a central vacuum system, or your next vacuum. We’ll be honest with you about your options and the direction you should take. We want to make your cleaning experience more fun and less of a chore. If you’re not enjoying your cleaning experience, you need to stop into All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing today!


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