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More About Eureka

Established in 1909, the Eureka vacuum cleaner company was started by Fred Wardell along with four partners. The Eureka Model 9 was the first product manufactured by the company’s plant in 1922, and cost only half the price of their largest competitor, Hoover. By 1927, Eureka had sold over 2 million vacuum units, which accounted for more than one third of all vacuums manufactured in the United States.

Today, Eureka is owned and manufactured by the parent company, Electrolux. Known primarily for their AirSpeed and SuctionSeal technology, Eureka is a thriving vacuum manufacturer, specializing in a wide variety of vacuums and household cleaners. Eureka’s AirSpeed technology incorporates the use of two pipes with limited bends, allowing more air to flow through the vacuum. The direct air path from the floor, increases airflow and powerful suction because of the decrease in distance that dirt has to travel. The innovative technology is designed to move more air and remove more dirt.

Eureka’s SuctionSeal technology combines suction and adaptation to create a powerful clean. As you manuver the vacuum across various floor surfaces, the suction plates raise and lower to adjust accordingly to the surface. This creates a seal that is designed to maximize suction and airflow, and deliver an all around powerful performance.

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