Vacuum cleaners have long been the most necessary cleaning accessory for every home. For over a century, vacuums have collected dirt and debris in a bag or later cyclonic collector to help keep your floors and living surfaces clean. Choosing a vacuum can be a difficult task. The vacuum cleaner industry features a handful of brand names, all promising the best product with the greatest features. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight and simple suction machine, or a heavy duty, industrial power vacuum, the team at All Ray’s Vacuum is here to help you find the best cleaning apparatus to match your budget and lifestyle.

More About Hoover

In 1827, Henry Hoover established a tannery near Canton, Ohio. For decades, it was a successful family owned and operated business. In 1908, Hoover’s son W.H. purchased the patent and rights to an electric suction sweeper, invented by Murray Spangler. Upon investing in the appliance, Hoover hired six people to manufacture the suction sweepers out of the family’s tannery.

In December of 1910, The Hoover Suction Sweeper Co., was established in Ohio. Hoover’s approach was small advertisement marketing that offered a ‘free 10 day trial’ of the vacuum upon request. The suction sweepers were initially sold door-to-door, then distributed by 5,000 store locations coast-to-coast. By 1921, Hoover was selling the product worldwide. The product became so popular that the name ‘Hoover’ is actually the word or verb used instead of the word ‘vacuum’ in many parts of Europe.

The Hoover Company, a division of Maytag Corporation since 1989, is still the leading producer of floor care products in the United States. With a full product lineup, Hoover sells canister, stick, hand-held, wet-dry and deep clean vacuum machines, along with a variety of vacuum accessories and cleaning supplies. The company also manufactures central vacuum systems and is known for its top selling products like the WindTunnel vacuum line, the Hoover bagless upright vacuum, and the Steam Vac deep cleaning vacuum.

All Ray’s Vacuum has the cleaning products you love at a price that can’t be beat. Our certified team of vacuum experts will demonstrate all of Hoover’s quality products, and compare them with other makes and models to ensure your vacuum purchase meets all of your cleaning needs. Our full service department is devoted to maintaining the functionality and operation of your suction sweeper, keeping it in excellent working condition for the life of the vacuum. Trust the team at All Ray’s to address and answer all of your Hoover vacuum questions and concerns.