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Sewing: An Art Form that’s 20,000 Years Old

How many of you grew-up with a grandma or mom that sewed? Were they quilters? Did they make clothes for the family? Or, maybe that wasn’t you but – after conquering gardening and canning – you’re looking for the next big challenge. After watching 15 seasons of Project Runway, I don’t know anyone who’s not […]

Vacuum Repair to the Rescue!

When you think about cleaning supplies, do you include your vacuum cleaner? I do. It’s the most indispensable household cleaning device I own. Created to suck up dirt and dust, the first motorized vacuum was invented in 1901. Although it has gone thru many upgrades and updates since the first prototype, the vacuum has withstood […]

Top 10 Benefits of Owning a Central Vacuum System

There are so many “pros” about central vacuum systems it’s amazing more homes aren’t equipped with them. We’ve “talked” before about knowing what you want and need from your vacuum. Most consumers compare upright vs. canister, bag vs. bag-less, and cheap vs. expensive, and so on. We’re going to throw one more choice into the […]

My Vacuum Doesn’t Suck… Literally!

My vacuum, I mean…it isn’t sucking up the dirt. I turned it over and looked at it and it looks fine. It smells kind of funny, but that could be normal, right? I can turn it off and on, and that seems to work just fine. That brush thing isn’t spinning…is it supposed to? I […]

How to Find Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Vacuum cleaners are the household picker-upper that does it all. Whether it’s dirt or debris, kitchen crumbs, or a grape juice spill on brand new carpet, vacuums have accessories to make cleaning the house a convenient task. Every vacuum cleaner also has parts that need to be replaced over time to maintain optimum performance for […]

How to Tell If Your Vacuum Needs to be Serviced

According to most manufacturers, vacuums have a life of 5-8 years when operated regularly. It’s important to keep in mind that when your vacuum starts to lose suction or power, it may not be a matter of replacing it, but instead getting it repaired. One of the best ways to prevent loss of vacuum performance […]

What Can Vacuum Cleaner Repair Do for Me?

Planned obsolescence is a growing epidemic in today’s society. It is the idea that consumer products are designed to work for a short period of time then break, making the product obsolete. The cycle leads to millions of wasted appliances and consumer goods annually. Everything breaks in its time, but purchasing products that are intentionally […]

Beam central vacuum wall plate inlet

Central Vacuum Store & Central Vacuum Systems

A central vacuum is a built-in vacuum cleaner system installed in the walls of a building or home as a semi-permanent fixture. Central vacuums are designed to remove dirt and debris by sending particles to a collection container in a different part of the home or building through tubing installed inside of the structure’s walls.

Pet Hair Removal

Four legged friends can often be the best and worst addition to your home. While their unconditional love and energetic welcome is an unbeatable benefit to owning a pet, their constant shedding of fur or hair often leaves your entire home looking fluffy. Removing pet hair from the carpet or furniture can seem nearly impossible […]