Sewing Machines

Sewing: An Art Form that’s 20,000 Years Old


How many of you grew-up with a grandma or mom that sewed? Were they quilters? Did they make clothes for the family? Or, maybe that wasn’t you but – after conquering gardening and canning – you’re looking for the next big challenge.

After watching 15 seasons of Project Runway, I don’t know anyone who’s not ready to scratch that itch! Then again, maybe you want to know how to hem your pants because you’re not the perfect height or shape?

Sewing Up to the Sewing Machine

The good news is that the local community/recreation center and even fabric stores now offer sewing classes to get you started. YouTube has hundreds of videos that walk you through the basics and answer questions along the way. Then again, maybe you’re a reader and picked-up a copy of Sewing for Dummies. Whatever avenue you choose – let’s get going – because it’s going to be GREAT!

People have been sewing for hundreds of years; think about some of the earliest forms of housing using animal hides sewn together. The first sewing needles were made of bones or animal horns, and the thread was made of animal sinew.  Iron needles were invented in the 14th century, and needles with an eye didn’t appear until the 15th century. The Industrial Revolution was big, but in those days these advances were possibly equally enormous on a relative scale – not to mention necessary for our conveniences today (thank you to our ancestors).

Sewing Machines Changed the World and Still Do

If your job was as a seamstress or tailor, you worked long hours for very little pay. Change to the pay weren’t seen until well into the 1850’s when Isaac Singer built the first commercially successful sewing machine. The sewing machine became the 1st widely advertised consumer appliance; it pioneered installment buying, patent pooling, as well as revolutionized the ready-made clothing industry. Also, it survived those who feared the machine would be a threat to their livelihood (seamstresses and tailors).

The sewing machine is not the result of one man’s genius, but rather the culmination of a century of thought, work, trial, failures, and partial successes of a long list of inventors (and investors). To be sure, the sewing machine had the reverse effect many before its invention would’ve foreseen. The sewing machine created industries – not to mention flourished the sewing industry itself – rather than diminishing an industry and/or livelihoods. The sewing machine literally saved lives and improved millions more. It’s not an understatement to say sewing and the sewing machine are staples to our existence and continue to change our live for the better. We don’t see it because many (or most) of us don’t make our own clothes, but someone is doing it.

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