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Protect Your Investment – Sewing Machines ARE an Investment


It’s the holiday season – a great time to get that new sewing machine – which means you can start those projects you’ve been pinning on Pinterest! Or, maybe you are the husband or boyfriend, and are searching for the diamond-in-the-rough for your “do-it-yourself (DIY)” significant other.

Had Your Sewing Machine Serviced Recently?

Maybe you’re going to go pick your machine up off the shelf new, which is perfectly fine; then you can skip this information about repair until next year. However, if you’re the DIY type, you’re probably checking Craigslist and yard-sales to find the perfect machine. If that’s the case, this next part is directed directly toward you!

Experts say you should get your personal sewing machine serviced once a year, and if it’s one that’s been in storage, or bought second-hand, you should have it serviced before you ever fire it up. Good advice.

Had Your Sewing Machine Fumigated Lately?

One of the main things experts do when they service your machine is open it up and clean it out. Lots of dust (an understatement), thread, and even bugs (yes…bugs…), and mouse nesting can get trapped. That’s correct…you read that correctly: mouse nesting. I’ve heard some horrifying war-stories.

All that gross biohazard stuff is trapped inside your machine whether you see it or not, and it can do bad things. Speaking of bad things, on a mechanical level, it can affect your machine’s sensors and throw off the tension. If your machine thinks you’re using thicker thread because there are trapped thread-bits, it won’t work correctly. Also, we work too hard on our projects to have malfunction(s) or mechanical problems ruin our efforts. So, bad tension is annoying, but all that nasty stuff in there can also catch your machine on fire! Yes…that’s one of the war stories…

Sewing Machine Repair Specialists – They Do Exist!

Sewing machine repair specialists are a dying breed – a relic in a time when more people made things. Housewives made clothes at home and workers made industrial goods in the city’s factories. Today, new generations of seamstresses and fashion designers – as well as DIY types – are starting to produce clothes and crafts for themselves. In addition to that, many are doing this for online market places like Etsy, or for the numerous Colorado craft fairs that pop up every day. People are discovering as the quality of modern electronic sewing machines has declined that repairing a vintage mechanical machine is often times their best bet.

Older machines made from pure metal hold-up a lot better than many of the newer plastic ones. Most of the mechanical issues can be repaired on these older machines. However, with the newer machines the cost of the circuit and electrical boards alone makes them virtually irreparable; it’s often cheaper and easier to just get a newer machine. Also, it’s wise to pay the extra money to get a high quality sewing machine that won’t need replacing once again.

Don’t try this at Home – Service Your Sewing Machine at All Ray’s

So, my point is you should keep your machine serviced and maintained. Also, if it sits in storage, or is purchased second-hand, take it for a check-up before you “fire it up.” As you read above, you may actually literally fire it up when you fire-it-up if you’re not careful. Sewing machines are, of course, machines – and they can certainly fall into disrepair. Whether your machine’s been stored a while and needs a tune-up, or whether it’s in need of a critical repair, All Ray’s Vacuum & Sewing machine repair can help.

Contact All Ray’s today! Let’s get your sewing machine back-on-track!

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Top 5 Reasons Everyone Should Learn to Sew


Have you ever asked yourself if you should learn to sew? Would you make your own clothes? Or, maybe some super cute baby blankets? I was thinking about this question, and I think I know the answer: everyone should learn to sew. I know; it seems like a giant idea, but the benefits of learning to sew are giant themselves.

Reason #5: Sewing Saves Money

Everyone likes to Save Money. On my list of reasons of why everyone should learn to sew, saving money makes the list at number five. You can make simple repairs to garments such as hemming your own pants, sewing on a missing button or repairing a seam. You can make things for your home, your family, and gifts for everyone. You can even make things to sell.

Reason #4: Sewing Enhances Your Home

I just mentioned making things for your home so let’s make home décor reason number four. When was the last time you bought new couch cushions? Couch cushions are expensive for something that sits on your couch and adds a splash of color. What if you could just sew four straight lines, add some stuffing? Voila! Pillows! You could make your own curtains, and even towels. Once holiday time arrives (like now), you could even whip-out a table runner that matches your décor exactly! We are talking straight lines here, and I feel pretty confident this is going to be doable for everyone reading this.

Reason #3: Sewing Entertains Your Kids

Reason number three should be Kids Clothes and Accessories. You can get fabric with the hottest TV cartoon characters, movies, shows, colors, textures, etc. You name it, and they make fabric to match. Kids love capes, so they can be their favorite super hero, and show me a kid that doesn’t like hanging out in a tent. You can make pillow cases, hair bows and even clothes. Talk about being a superhero – that’s how the kids will think of you as they rock their new look!

Reason #2: Sewing is Eco-Friendly

Since you are already being a superhero, let’s talk about reason number two: it’s GREEN! No, not the color, but – you know – save the planet, save a tree, and eco-friendly. You can repurpose anything made from fabric, and the best place to shop is your local thrift store. Remember that earlier point about saving money? This one ties right into reason number five because the best selection of fabrics can be found at yard sales and discount stores. You can upcycle curtains into pillows. You can repurpose a men’s shirt into a little girl’s dress (not the other way around), and even take a used duvet and turn it into a shower curtain. The possibilities are endless if you’re creative; the cost is negligible, and you will be doing your part in saving our planet.

Reason #1: Sewing is a Sense of Accomplishment

Now, for the last and absolutely best reason everyone should learn to sew: sense of accomplishment. When you sew, you create something handmade. You start with a piece of fabric, and an hour or two later you’ve transformed it into something that will make a difference for someone. Sewing gives you power over a decorating budget and provides unlimited possibilities of creation with fabric. Sewing is a skill that will be passed down through generations. When people ask “where did you get that” you can proudly answer, “I made it!”

All Ray’s: Providing Sewing Machines for Englewood and Denver for over 40 Years

Get your sewing machine repaired, or get a new sewing machine to put these five reasons into action. Be productive, save money, bring the family together, and put that fabric to better use! We all have fabric ready in our dressers, and the thrift stores are ready to feed your new sewing machine.

All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing is family-owned and ready to put 40 years of experience to work for you!

Visit All Ray’s today!

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Sewing Handmade Gifts this Holiday Season


We are fast approaching mid-November, which always lights a fire under us for the holidays. Some years I bake a frenzy of amazing breads, which I share with co-workers, friends and family. Other years, I focus on canning pickles or making my locally famous habanero jam.

‘Tis the Season for Sewing

This year, I’m taking on sewing projects. I discovered a great website with over 700 sewing tutorials – including patterns and videos that have truly inspired me. Thanks to All Ray’s, I have a recently tuned-up sewing machine. I’m ready to hit the local fabric shops and stock-up on supplies.

There’s something deeply personal about giving a handmade gift to those special people in your life. Handmade gifts go a step above normal gift giving because you’re giving a part of yourself. Recipients of handmade gifts know more thought went into than a gift card or a store-bought gift. It takes time to pick the exact project, to buy the perfect materials – making it all come together, to make it with precision and care; it’s a culmination in gift-giving that sets handmade gifts apart.

Sewing Builds Relationships

I remember the first time I gave a handmade gift to my parents as an adult. It was powerful. I remember the look on my mom’s face, and I remember that every time I went home to visit. My craft sat where everyone could see it. She loved it. Looking back now, I know that handmade gift helped bridge our child/parent relationship to best friends. She appreciated what I had hand-made for her; I recognized that, and it made me love her even more.

All Ray’s Sewing Machine Repair

If you’re still procrastinating as far as getting your sewing machine up-and-running this holiday season, now’s the time. All Rays will get your machine in-and-out and ready for you to create this holiday season. Of course, it’s likely time to upgrade or cave to the need for a new sewing machine, and we’d be honored to get you back-on-track.

Thank You for Choosing All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing!

So, before the white stuff starts falling, get inspired, and add a little extra magic to this year’s holiday season. All Ray’s is ready to help you get started whether you need a new machine or a tune-up on the old one. Contact us today to beat the snow!

Add that little bit of extra love this holiday season with All Ray’s!

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