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Sewing Handmade Gifts this Holiday Season


We are fast approaching mid-November, which always lights a fire under us for the holidays. Some years I bake a frenzy of amazing breads, which I share with co-workers, friends and family. Other years, I focus on canning pickles or making my locally famous habanero jam.

‘Tis the Season for Sewing

This year, I’m taking on sewing projects. I discovered a great website with over 700 sewing tutorials – including patterns and videos that have truly inspired me. Thanks to All Ray’s, I have a recently tuned-up sewing machine. I’m ready to hit the local fabric shops and stock-up on supplies.

There’s something deeply personal about giving a handmade gift to those special people in your life. Handmade gifts go a step above normal gift giving because you’re giving a part of yourself. Recipients of handmade gifts know more thought went into than a gift card or a store-bought gift. It takes time to pick the exact project, to buy the perfect materials – making it all come together, to make it with precision and care; it’s a culmination in gift-giving that sets handmade gifts apart.

Sewing Builds Relationships

I remember the first time I gave a handmade gift to my parents as an adult. It was powerful. I remember the look on my mom’s face, and I remember that every time I went home to visit. My craft sat where everyone could see it. She loved it. Looking back now, I know that handmade gift helped bridge our child/parent relationship to best friends. She appreciated what I had hand-made for her; I recognized that, and it made me love her even more.

All Ray’s Sewing Machine Repair

If you’re still procrastinating as far as getting your sewing machine up-and-running this holiday season, now’s the time. All Rays will get your machine in-and-out and ready for you to create this holiday season. Of course, it’s likely time to upgrade or cave to the need for a new sewing machine, and we’d be honored to get you back-on-track.

Thank You for Choosing All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing!

So, before the white stuff starts falling, get inspired, and add a little extra magic to this year’s holiday season. All Ray’s is ready to help you get started whether you need a new machine or a tune-up on the old one. Contact us today to beat the snow!

Add that little bit of extra love this holiday season with All Ray’s!