Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Repair to the Rescue!


When you think about cleaning supplies, do you include your vacuum cleaner? I do. It’s the most indispensable household cleaning device I own. Created to suck up dirt and dust, the first motorized vacuum was invented in 1901. Although it has gone thru many upgrades and updates since the first prototype, the vacuum has withstood the test of time.

The above description sounds a bit like a super hero. Sucking up dirt and dust while cleaning the air we breathe, it’s Super Vacuum to the rescue!

Poor Suction? Consider Vacuum Repair

Considering we utilize the vacuum roughly twice a week, is it any wonder that it begins to suck a little less, or run louder? It’s no surprise vacuums malfunction from time-to-time. Vacuums are machines after all, and all machines experience a great deal of wear and tear through continual use. Depending on the circumstance, rather than buying a new machine, consider vacuum repair.

Is your vacuum getting poor suction? This is definitely a problem considering the machine is designed to suck up dirt. Many times this problem is attributed to a plugged hose, an overfull bag, or a clogged air filter. If the vacuum still isn’t sucking properly after checking the above, it’s a situation of vacuum repair to the rescue!

Have you ever been vacuuming and found yourself getting a friendly little shock every once in a while? Yes, that happens. I inadvertently ran over the cord and nicked the plastic coating. So, when I moved just right (or wrong), I got a little zing! Who do you going to call? Vacuum repair (All Ray’s Vacuum)! After making the call, All Ray’s replaced the cord and I was back in business.

All Ray’s Vacuum Repair

At All Ray’s Vacuum, after telling them what sound(s) your vacuum is making, or what it is and isn’t doing, they’ll check all the obvious solutions. Then, they’ll look further until finding other potential culprits; it could be a leak in the hose or the housing. Maybe it’s deeper than that, and it’s something wrong with the fan. Is it loose or obstructed? It’s possible the problem is related to the motor, which is definitely a job for vacuum repair – aka: a job for All Ray’s Vacuum.

We have the ability to fix many things ourselves with the aid of the internet these days. If you can safely see what’s broken, and easily fix it, do it. You will save yourself anywhere from $50 – $150 dollars (replacement cost of a new vacuum). However, when you find yourself in over your head, and needing professionals, think vacuum repair; think All Ray’s.