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A central vacuum is a built-in vacuum cleaner system installed in the walls of a building or home as a semi-permanent fixture. Central vacuums are designed to remove dirt and debris by sending particles to a collection container in a different part of the home or building through tubing installed inside of the structure’s walls.

The idea behind a central vacuum system is to have multiple inlets throughout the home or business, that can be operated individually to collect dirt and debris.

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More About Central Vacuum

Operating a central vacuum system is done in a handful of ways. Wall-mounted vacuum inlets are installed throughout the home. In most designs, opening the spring-loaded cover door of an inlet will turn on the vacuum, allowing it to collect the dirt or debris in that specific area. When the area is finished being vacuumed, simply close the cover door. Other operations of a central vacuum system are performed in the same manner as a traditional portable machine without the transportation of a collector. Instead of vacuuming dirt and debris within a short distance of an inlet, users instead attach a vacuum hose to the open inlet and use the hose as usual for vacuuming an entire area.

A standard central vacuum system is typically equipped with a 30 foot hose, as well as standard cleaning tools that you would find with most portable vacuum cleaners. The hose is often stored in the same area as the central vacuum’s collection container (typically a basement or utility closet), and stays coiled around a wire rack when not in use. The hose for a central vacuum unit usually includes quick adjustment tools for fast and expedited attachment and detachment.

Central vacuum systems offer a variety of health benefits. Vacuum cleaners are designed to help keep a clean and dust-free living or work space. Central vacuum systems are different from traditional vacuum cleaners because they eliminate the recirculation of dust and allergens throughout the home. This eco-friendly, health conscious option has proven to clean both your living space, and the air surrounding it.

Whether you’re looking for a healthy way to keep the atmosphere clean in your work and living environments, or simply looking for an easier way to clean dirt and dust around the house, a central vacuum unit is the most convenient solution to help with all of your cleaning needs. Operated in the same ways as a traditional vacuum, central vacuum systems are easy to use and offer a helpful alternative to cleaning.