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Top 10 Benefits of Owning a Central Vacuum System


There are so many “pros” about central vacuum systems it’s amazing more homes aren’t equipped with them. We’ve “talked” before about knowing what you want and need from your vacuum. Most consumers compare upright vs. canister, bag vs. bag-less, and cheap vs. expensive, and so on. We’re going to throw one more choice into the mix; and we think this one is going to make you sit back and go “seriously?!”

Everyone Can Have a Central Vacuum System

When you think about a central vacuuming system what crosses your mind? I think of the little trap-door on the floor you plug stuff into and it magically gets sucked up. I also think about super expensive homes with maids that get to use really cool vacuum systems.

Guess what?

Central vacuuming systems aren’t that expensive, and they can even be retrofitted to an existing home, not just new construction. Here’s some icing on the cake: if you’re a serious DIY’er (do-it-yourself), we have the system and parts for you! We sell multiple brands, and we’re a certified provider of the BEAM Central Vacuum System.

Why a Central Vacuum System?

What are the benefits of owning a central vacuum system, you ask? Well here are just a few:

  • They’re quiet when in-use because the motor is located either in your garage or in your basement.
  • They’re easy-to-use, and come with an extensive range of accessories – not to mention their efficiency when compared to a regular vacuum.
  • Say goodbye to portable vacuums after installing your system. Cheap vacuums need to be replaced every 2 years if not sooner (likely scenario); whereas a central vacuum system can go 10 years before having to replace any major accessories or worry about maintenance.
  • You’ll have cleaner indoor air and reduced allergens because the central vacuum system extracts the dirt, dust and debris out of the house and into the main power unit where it is exhausted to the outside. No more recirculating allergens back into your home. If you suffer from sever allergies you should read this: UC Davis Central Vacuum Clinical Study (PDF).
  • Central vacuum systems are extremely versatile and they’re able to reach different places and surfaces because of the greater selection of accessories.
  • Fun fact: men prefer a central vacuum system because it feels more like a power tool than a household appliance!
  • Talk about powerful deep-cleaning – the motor is 3x stronger.
  • Since it’s located in a cool place via your garage or basement, you get longer motor life.
  • We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention it’s a smart investment that saves you money over time (which could be thou$and$ of rea$on$).
  • A central vacuum system will add value to your property – not to mention add resale value should you ever decide to sell your home, which absolutely pays for itself.

Central Vacuum Systems Are an Investment

These units are more powerful, convenient and quieter than any traditional vacuum. Perhaps most importantly, central vacuum systems add resale value to your home – a very important component to the purchase/investment – especially in a hot market like Denver/Colorado.

Stop by All Ray’s Vacuum to discuss your needs, and explore the benefits of buying a central vacuum system, or your next vacuum. We’ll be honest with you about your options and the direction you should take. We want to make your cleaning experience more fun and less of a chore. If you’re not enjoying your cleaning experience, you need to stop into All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing today!