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Pet Hair Removal

Four legged friends can often be the best and worst addition to your home. While their unconditional love and energetic welcome is an unbeatable benefit to owning a pet, their constant shedding of fur or hair often leaves your entire home looking fluffy. Removing pet hair from the carpet or furniture can seem nearly impossible at times. The team of vacuum experts at All Ray’s Vacuum has the solutions you need to keep pet hair from quilting the entire house with fur and pet hair.

When it comes to buying a vacuum, research shows that some makes and models are simply better than others at cleaning up and removing pet hair from your living space. It is important to identify what you’re looking for in a vacuum’s features, and how those components accommodate your lifestyle. Let the team at All Ray’s help you determine the vacuum cleaner you need to effectively clean up after your pets.

3 Ways All Ray’s Vacuum Helps with Pet Hair Removal

Floor Type

Purchasing a vacuum, especially one that needs to thoroughly remove pet hair, is dependent upon what you’ll be using your vacuum for. If you’re looking for a quality vacuum that is designed specifically to remove pet hair from your living space, you’re going to need one that works well with the elements of your home. If you live in a five bedroom house that has mostly carpet, our team will likely suggest a different vacuum than one for an apartment with mostly tile and hardwood.

Vacuum Features

Picking up pet hair is only one of the features you should be looking for in a vacuum when buying specifically for pet hair removal. Vacuum models that market to consumers searching to pick up pet hair, may not be the only options available. It’s imperative that whatever suction machine you buy to remove pet hair from your home, operates at a high quality standard, with little to no loss of suction, and without resulting in all of the picked up pet hair wrapping around the vacuum brush. Other features to consider are whether an upright bag vacuum or a canister cleaner will have the best airflow and suction.

Convenience & Mobility

No matter what your reason is for purchasing a vacuum, the one thing that should always be a buying stipulation is convenience and mobility. Never buy a vacuum cleaner without first picking it up. If a vacuum is too heavy or clunky, cleaning your home will be a strenuous chore, not a simple sweeping task. Removing pet hair does not mean that your vacuum has to be impossible to use. Most vacuum companies are dedicated to making a clean lifestyle, simple. There are plenty of quality options that make this mission possible, so don’t settle for a vacuum that is impossible to use.

Whether your pet’s hair has taken over your house, or you’re simply looking for an affordable way to remove pet hair on a regular basis, All Ray’s Vacuum has the team you can trust to get you the best cleaning solution for your lifestyle. Don’t get buried by your pet’s hair, let the team at All Ray’s find the vacuum you need for all of your pet hair removal needs, with customer service that exceeds your expectations.