Vacuum Cleaners

What Can Vacuum Cleaner Repair Do for Me?

Planned obsolescence is a growing epidemic in today’s society. It is the idea that consumer products are designed to work for a short period of time then break, making the product obsolete. The cycle leads to millions of wasted appliances and consumer goods annually. Everything breaks in its time, but purchasing products that are intentionally designed to become antiquated after a short life is not economically smart, or ecologically friendly for any consumer.

How Does Vacuum Cleaner Repair Help You

Vacuums are historically one of the most commonly purchased household machines. They conveniently and effectively suck up dirt, debris and everyday mess that dirties your life. The rule of thumb from many vacuum manufacturers is that your vacuum is built to last on average, 5-8 years with minimal maintenance and repairs. Don’t throw away a “broken” vacuum. Keep money in your pocket, and products out of landfills by getting your vacuum inspected for repair before simply replacing it.

How to Tell If You Need Vacuum Cleaner Repair

A vacuum cleaner repair can be the difference between a $20 part and a $200 vacuum. If your vacuum is underperforming, and failing to operate regularly, there are a few easy ways to investigate the problem yourself. Broken vacuum cleaner belts are a common cause in cases where a vacuum cleaner loses suction and power.

Determining whether a broken belt is the cause of your vacuum’s performance is quick and easy. Simply unplug your vacuum and lay it flat on the ground so you can see beneath it. The plastic cover on the bottom should unscrew pretty easily, and upon removing the cover, you’ll immediately be able to see the vacuum belt, and whether or not it is broken.

If you find that your vacuum belt is broken, or you find that you are unable to diagnose the problem yourself, bring your vacuum into a shop that specializes in vacuum sales and repair. Professional vacuum experts are trained and qualified to determine why your vacuum is not operating correctly, and provide knowledgeable solutions for repairing or replacing your vacuum. Parts are usually available on-site, and repairs are done by professionals who understand the operations and makeup of your vacuum.

Don’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on a new vacuum when yours is underperforming. Throwing away a product that just needs a simple vacuum repair is a waste of money and can be harmful to the planet if everyone does it. Save money and be conscious of the environment by getting your vacuum serviced regularly, and taking it in for repairs if it fails to perform properly.